Afghan Hemp Rolling Paper – King Size


  • 32 Leaves per pack
  • King Size

It’s All About The Bast – Afghan Hemp uses the bast of the dried hemp stems. The bast contains the most desirable fibres that allow for the cleanest & slowest burn in rolling papers.


In 1709, a local tribal leader, successfully rebelled against the Safavids and made Afghanistan independent. Shortly after, small communities throughout the country were able to grow crops of their choice, including hemp. Since then, Afghanistan has been producing some of the finest hemp fibres in the world but never in the form of high-quality rolling papers. Today Afghan Hemp has modernized this process, bringing you this age-old tradition, in the form of premium rolling paper products.

Afghanistan has a subarctic mountain climate with dry and cold winters with only about 15% of land being suitable for agriculture. Hemp fibres used to produce Afghan Hemp papers come from the eastern province of Afghanistan, called Paktia, where the plots are collected by hand and fibres broken down into a pulp slurry.