4-in-1 Saliva Test + 100ml Oral Cleanse Mouthwash


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    Saliva Drug Test Kit – 4-in-1 [THC, MDMA, METHAMPHETAMINE & COCAINE Drug Tests] Testing Kit
    Our tests have 3 windows with MDMA,  MET and THC all on separate test strips to prevent cross reactions. MET and COC will be on one test strip with MDMA and THC on the other 2 strips separately. This is the only way the test can be made to avoid cross reactions.
    Ideal for workplace pre-screening to see if there is any THC in your system.

    Oral Cleanse Detoxifying Mouthwash 100ml
    Oral Cleanse Detoxifying Mouthwash uses a specialised formula including essential oils that helps to eliminate drug metabolites from your saliva and oral cavity. Drugs can permeate deeply within the inside of your mouth and practising excellent oral hygiene as well as using our special detoxifying mouthwash may reduce the likelihood of a false positive. The mouthwash is designed to be used after ceasing drug use and before a drug test.