24K Gold Forged Carbon Fibre Card & Straw Set – Limited Edition


  • ONLY 250 Forged worldwide

Introducing the 24K Gold Forged Carbon Fibre Card & Straw – a sleek fusion of innovation and luxury. Encased in a branded Silicone sleeve (Phone card holder), this card is not just a credit card replacement; it’s a statement of elegance. Lighter, thinner, and more durable than a standard credit card, it effortlessly fits into any wallet or purse.

The card’s unique design, with three round corners and one multiuse sharp corner, adds a touch of sophistication. Paired with a straw that mirrors the dimensions of a dollar note, this set is the epitome of practical luxury. Crafted from clean, antibacterial carbon fibre, it ensures minimal residue for a pristine experience. Has a white Carbon by Charlie print.