J Scale – Jennings:

German Design
Designed in Erkelenz, Germany, our products are held to extremely high standards in both design and production. We wish to ensure that all J-Scale® products have the consistent quality our customers expect

Reliable Precision
J-Scale® is renowned globally for creating accurate weighing instruments, and we pride ourselves on our product quality and reliability. Our warranties extend years beyond the industry average because we know our scales will give precise measurements for its entire lifespan if cared for properly.

Affordable Innovation
J-Scale® is dedicated to continuing a tradition of weighing innovations at a cost-effective value to both consumers and businesses. Some of our industry changing inventions include: The Durascale Impact Protection System, The WEIGHMETER Overload Protection System and the application of Backlit Displays to pocket scales.

 My Weight Scale:

Superior Quality: My Weigh creates high-quality scales and accessories for all users, earning a reputation as an innovator in the digital scale industry.

 Auto-off energy saving: An auto shut off feature conserves battery power. Most units will automatically turn off within 90 seconds of inactivity.

Backlit: My Weigh LED displays with a back-light makes reading the digital scale’s display from a distance possible and dimly lit rooms.

Impact Protection System: The scale is wrapped in an impact absorbent rubber that helps protect the scale from shocks.

Sense on technology: Once you stand on the scale the scale will turn on and lock your weight. Once the weight is stable, you will see the “0” moving and that will signify the scale is measuring. If the display can identify the user correctly it will display the weight.

Solar Power: Powered by light, no batteries required. Our My Weigh scales work in both natural and artificial lighting condition. If it detects a similar weight it will display the relative user number and you will need to select the correct user via the arrow keys.


 Industry changing innovations from the most technologically advanced digital scale company in the world.

“Weigh More For Less”: ProScale has earned a reputation for offering the best value weighing scales for price-conscious consumers

“High Quality and Low-Cost”: ProScale produces digital scales for use by professionals and consumers. We are proud to have your confidence.

Stainless Steel Tray: Stainless Steel Trays are used due to the advantages of stainless steel as a material that resists rust which is a necessity in a food preparation environment where contact with water and other liquids is commonplace.

Rechargeable Batteries: The benefits of using Proscale is that they come with rechargeable batteries

2 year warranty: We carefully build our scales to a quality level that is the highest in the industry. We are proud of our quality and the general durability of our products.

Over load: Proscale products are included with overload protected feature

Backlit: Proscale LED displays with a back-light makes reading the digital scale’s display from a distance possible and dimly lit rooms.