Apple Bags:

Apple Bags are a premium quality plastic baggie known for their thickness, tight seal and durability. The 2.5mil thick plastic apple baggies are available in a range of sizes with or without designs in packs of 100 and are also FDA and USDA approved for food service.

Goodies Bags:

Goodie Bags are a fantastic way to store or transport all of your favourite goodies, their heat resistant, smell-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, sand and dirt proof. So if you’re looking for a bag for your goodies, you’ve found it. Goodies bags are available in either Black or Clear in sml, med and large sizes. Made in the USA.

Mylar Bags:

Mylar bags were developed as a one-stop solution for long-term storage for food. They’re airtight, reusable and incredibly durable where each bag is virtually puncture proof. More importantly, not only do mylar food bags keep out oxygen, they’re highly efficient at keeping out moisture as well.

Given all this information, it’s completely logical to conclude that Mylar bags aren’t perfect for just food, they’re perfect for storing dry herbs as well. The airtight and moisture-free nature of these bags is the ideal solution for keeping herbs from drying out and developing mould at the same time. Aside from that, they also come in a wide variety of sizes that can easily accommodate your hobby, regardless of how little, or how much you smoke

Every mylar bag is airtight. Not only is air not going into the bag, nothing is coming out either. This includes any odours or smells that would make your otherwise discreet bag reek of that distinct smell of bud.

Child Proof Mylar Bags:

Mylar bags are the ultimate bag to use when you want to stash your valuables, herbs, spices or anything else that fits in there. Keep your mind at ease knowing that your items will be safe from children. This child proof mylar bag is also smell proof.